Midnight thinking

You can’t live your life afraid of what might happen; expecting the worst of every situation. You shouldn’t hold back from loving someone, or doing something that makes you happy just because it might not turn out the way you want it at the end. We live in a world that gives us absolutely no promises for the future. A world that’s cruel, selfish, but beautiful and magical at the same time.

We need to stay honest with ourselves and the people in our lives. Never hold grudges. Take your time to forgive as long as you do forgive before it’s too late. Complaining will get you nowhere. Not to a conclusion nor will it give you closure, so instead solve your problem, fix what’s broken, and clean the mess up.

The world we live in is so divers that we are surrounded by people with different demographics like nationalities, backgrounds, and religions, were a part of our happiness is controlled from accepting and respecting them. You do not need to agree with other peoples ways, but instead of trying to bash them down with your ideas, beliefs, and ways of life, accepting and respecting differences in humans will bring you peace of mind.

Do what puts a smile on your face, and helps you laugh louder. Follow your dreams and work hard to achieve your goals. Fall in love, experience new things, tell your friends what you really think of them, and most importantly be proud of the person you are today.

Things will not always go your way, and if you have my luck then things will barely ever go your way, but that’s the beauty of life. How boring would it be to always know what’s going to happen? Remember to stay positive, strong, thankful, and most importantly happy.

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