As I Lay Here

As I lay here,
As I lay here in bed and look beside me, I see you.
I stare at your face and your body,
Laying still beside me.
Your dark hair resting on the pillow, beautiful brown eyes looking right back at me.

I trace.
With the tip of my finger I trace the vanes on your arm.
Slowly, I just follow the lines and the dents.
The only thing heard in the silence is your heartbeat.
Your heartbeat, the beautiful melody to my ears, beating at the same rate as mine.

As you lay there still, and I stare at your body, stare at your face, I trace.
I trace my finger tips on your arm.
Slowly, my fingertips begin tracing the air and fall on the mattress.
I get a cold rush as you turn your eyes and suddenly you disappear.

Snapping back to my lonely reality I realize how foolish I am to dream.
To dream and imagine you right next to me.
For the lands and the oceans of this planet separate us.
They separate our bodies but never our hearts or thoughts.
For you are always in my heart, and in my thoughts.


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