You can’t argue!

Something I absolutely can’t stand is when people are against equality in marriage. I don’t see the big issue in it, honestly. I mean, so what? So what if a male is in love with a male and they decide to get married? Or so what if a female is in love with a female and they decide to get married? HOW is their love life affecting you personally?

There are so many issues in the world that are actually affecting people personally, emotionally, and mentally, and you want to consintrate on gay marriage? Um .. no.

What I seriously hate, is when they relate it back to religion, and say they are againts same sex marriage because their religion says it’s wrong. Well, unless you are a priest, monk, nun, sheikh, or 100% religions, which everyone I have had this conversation with are none, then YOU CAN’T ARGUE.

You either smoke, drink, have sex before marriage, lie, steal or any of the other sins and think it’s ‘normal’ then you say gay marriage should not be legalized because it’s a sin, or haram in God’s religions. That argument will never stand with me, and you will loose respect for me.

If you agrue that you just feel uncomfortable about it, or because of health issues, or any other reason your brain can come up with, then sure I will respect that, that is your opinion, as long as you don’t bring religion into.

Same sex marriage isn’t killing people, or stopping people from living happily, so instead of you trying to hurt them, and make them feel left out, you should leave them alone. Don’t bother them and they won’t bother you. They are human as well, you know.

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