We our in charge

It’s very seldom that people do really change. From liars or cheaters, to honesty or faithful women and men. From alcoholics or drugies, to sober, and clean people. Once you’re use to a way of life it becomes you. You become one with it. Once you’re use to a routine, a daily step, you do it without double thinking, or even feeling guilty.


 Very rarely are people worth a second chance. It’s not about the persuasive way they may convince you, or their beautiful big eyes and soft voice you can’t resist. The very few that deserve a second chance will prove it. From the time you wake up, until the minute you rest your eyes and dose off in your dreams, they will be working hard, through actions and signs, proving to you they are worth a second chance.


People do not understand how their group of friends, or humans in their life extremely impact who they are. There is a saying, “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”, I use to think it was utter bullshit. 


We humans have a big issue in our lives, a problem in our souls, an insecurity in ourselves, were we give the power to worthless people to either make us or break us. Since when should peoples emotions or feelings be controlled by a ruthless person, that isn’t worth a spec of their world.

Humans tend to place a single person in the midst of their planet and cherish the inconsiderate persons every word. We worship their every smile, and laugh, and put their needs way ahead of ours, when all they do is abuse our kindness and affection towards them. We resemble puppets in their eyes, do whatever they wish or command. We push our pain in a corner, where it dabs into our flesh, and reopens all of our wounds in the late nights when we lay awake. We lay awake pondering the misery we have trapped ourselves in.

We ponder the reasons of why we have no control over any of our emotions, feeling hopeless and alone. It’s shameful that we think we cannot put our happiness in our own hands. For we are the rulers of our thoughts, the commanders of our emotions, and the controllers of our feelings. We are completely capable of filtering out the negative, and twisting the hurtful into full positive encouragement in our daily lives. We may search our minds to locate what gives us joy and sets us at complete ease. All we have to do is be willing to let go and be brave enough to take hold of our lives. For we cannot blame anyone anymore but ourselves. We must be courageous and understanding of our own body and soul. Discovering what we desire, and what can regain us with hope, warmth, and new positive perspective of this chaotic, beautiful disaster of a life we’re trying to lead.


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