Killing in the name of God

I don’t understand. I honestly, and truly, do not understand what the burning of Churches and Mosques in Egypt is going to do any good for anyone.

How is burning God’s temples going to win a war, or solve any issue to that matter.

You want to fight over presidents, and fight over how people don’t have the same opinions as you, go ahead and do that, but bringing religion into it and saying you’re killing innocent men, women, and children, and burning holy temples in the name of God, is absolute madness.

In what religion, or what belief does it say you can kill humans in the name of God? What page in the holy books is it on because I might have missed it, since all these Arab people have been killing in the past years saying ‘that’s what their religion teaches them’.

I don’t care about politics, I think it is an absolute headache and I rarely read the news. But when people mix politics with religion, that’s when I get frustrated and start loosing faith in humanity.

Blessed are the dead for they do not live in this cruel world anymore.

May the souls of the innocent people murdered in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iraq and all over the world, rest in peace


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