I Always Think

I always think of our kisses
our lips lost together.
How you made me feel 
when I gave you parts of me I never gave to anyone.

I always think of your clean, cold room,
and how comfortable it was being under the covers with you.
The dark curtains, 
The light cracking through the window,
The AC blowing,
The pictures all over.

I always think of falling asleep with you.
Our arms together,
Our legs intertwine,
Our bodies so close,
The most perfect of nights.

I always think of when I watched you sleep,
So calm, so peaceful, so happy you seemed. 
I would kiss your shoulder, and your head,
every chance I would get.

I always think of our mornings, 
You walking in with cups of coffee, 
snuggling up tight, catching any movie.

I always think of you,
Of us, 
Our days,
Our nights,
Our whens
Our wheres.

I always think 


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