#1 stress is paying for education

So I graduate from college this summer with an associates in Accounting, and I’ve been completely stressing over transferring to a university in the Fall semester. Why are universities in America so expensive for international students. When I research all these schools and look at their rates I completely get unmotivated to even go for my bachelors degree. I’ve been working so hard in college and keeping my grades high but no university gives a good amount of scholarship money for international students.

What makes it hard is international students can’t work outside of campus and it is hard to work on campus because it is very competitive. Since I do part time jobs in Qatar to pay for my college it is even harder for me to transfer abroad.

I wish It was easy to find a sponsor for international students or if I could start a ‘Send Nadine to University in America’ fund.

Oh, dreams and goals that look like they will never be reached.

Texas, Arizona, Ohio, it was nice reading about your universities.

6 thoughts on “#1 stress is paying for education

  1. Paying for your education in modern day society is tough. I too have the same troubles. You could try to start some type of donation pot to build some revenue. It’s possible you could get a vast amount of donations. Don’t knock it until you try it.

    • I wouldn’t even know how to start a donation pot, people in this country don’t really do that. I’ve actually never heard of anyone doing that. Thank you for the input though, I should definitely think of a way to get that going

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