Winter Semester

Today was the first day of my winter semester at college (yes, we have classes on Sunday’s and get Friday’s off).

This semester is going to be hectic because I’m taking 30 hours of classes. Honestly, I was not looking forward to anything to do with college. I was only ready to start the semester just so I can get it over with.

While I was driving to college today (50 minute drive because of traffic) I realized I need to look forward to these days because, even though this college was not my choice and accounting was not even close to what I really want to study, this is still the life I am living and I need to make the best of it. I need to stay positive about my days and take advantage of all the facilities and extra activities at college to keep me busy during my breaks.

I can’t live my days waiting for the end of the semester to come because that will just make me become bitter and unmotivated about so many other things in life.

I have to stay positive, motivated, and productive.

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