The Tennis World

Tomorrow, the 26th of January, is the final for the Australian Tennis Open between Rafael Nadal and Stanislas Wawrinka. I honestly was surprised when Nadal beat Roger Federer. I wasn’t expecting that, but at the same time in the past few years Nadal has worked hard on himself. Even though I’m not  a huge fan of his, I hope he wins tomorrow. I admire the way he plays and his dedication to the game. Wawrinka, is a great player too, of course. I mean he did make it this far, but this time I’m on Nadal’s side.

I gained a lot of respect for Nadal after watching him win the Qatar Open 2013. He was brilliant! In every game he played he never failed to amaze the crowd with his skills. He had a lot of tough competitors but he knocked them down one by one. Certainly wasn’t easy to do that. He really deserves number 1 in the tennis world.

(Picture: Nadal & I at the Qatar Tennis Open 2013)Image


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