One decision I should have made

One decision I should have made,
was the decision to walk away.
I should have left,
Just turned my back,
I should have never let you stay.

It has been so long,
since you’ve been gone,
And I still regret the time I lost.
In all my life, and all my mistakes,
You’re the only one, I wish I could change.


Where to start

I thought I knew what I wanted,
I thought I had it figured out.
I always argued for what I was feeling,
For what I believed was right.

Time has passed
And I feel so lost,
thinking I made a mistake.

My mind is confused,
My sight is unclear,
I don’t know my left from my right.

How do you go on,
When you know you need change,
But don’t know where to start?

11 years

11 years since you’ve been gone.
Your soul was taken way too soon.
A young 15-year-old boy, you were.
Out with the guys, excited for Eid.

With speed and a roundabout,
the car lost control,
Poor young boy, in the back seat,
Flew from the rear window, out on to the street.

For 11 years this days has been carved
On the aching hearts of your family.
Your friends eyes still drown in tears,
A young 15-year-old boy, you were.

I was young, barely 10 years old.
Didn’t understand where you went,
But the tears on the faces of everyone around me,
told me you weren’t coming back.

Rest in Peace, February 8th, 2003