Last semester

I feel kind of strange that I just started my last semester at college. Graduation is in 7 weeks! I remember how I felt like days were dragging on and the previous semesters just would not end. Now I look back and try to figure out where the past two years ran off to?

I hated the idea of joining this college, and hated my major, but now that I have reached where I am I understand why God put me on this path. I found new inspiration in my life, and I have clearer goals. I met wonderful people, both friends and instructors, and of course I’ve had my rebel, discouraged, what-in-the-world am I doing here days. However, all of that was a positive addition to my crazy, unexpected, life.

I am very proud of what I have accomplished, and I am very happy that I came out of these two years with much more confidence, more experience, and strength.

In seven weeks when I receive my associates in accounting, I will be ready for the new storm that’s heading my direction, and I will only be concentrating on the bright side of that storm.


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