Summer heat

Summer is back, and the sun isn’t kidding the, your clothes get sticky once you walk out. Summer in Qatar is always harsh and having to go to college in 40+ degree Celsius is such a bust. You see the flushed cheeks, and the sweat on peoples foreheads, even the stains under their arms. People get cranky and moody, and always thirsty, but the cafeteria is a long way to walk.

People hate walking from one building to another when our classes are far apart. You hear them huffing and puffing as they try to rush fast away from the sun. They strategically plan the way they will take so they can walk under the shade.

Once they leave the car steering wheels are boiling, even the buckle on the seatbelt is too hot. The tint on the cars are not doing their job, because it’s a sauna until the air conditioner kicks fully on. People will never get use to this heat and sun, oh the trouble when the temperature goes to the 50’s.



4 thoughts on “Summer heat

  1. I’m not a lover of heat unless I’m gripping it, but the sun can be rewarding sometimes when it’s ridiculously hot like that. Presents different alternatives.

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