100 Happy Days Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 : Happiness is a friend that lives thousands of miles away yet is always there for you. Happiness is finding someone you can count on to hear you complain and rant no matter what time it is. I’m so blessed to have this guy in my life, even if our friendship is through a phone and computer screen. I’ll probably never get to go to Gaza and he’ll probably never get to come to Qatar, however we will meet again in person someday, I know it.

Some people may find it strange how two people can be so close yet live in different countries. However, being an exchange student, you understand the true meaning of friendship, and you begin to realize that usually the closest people to your heart and the people that know you the most are the people that don’t live in the same country as you.

We don’t have to speak on a daily basis, heck, we can go a week or two without texting because of our busy lives, but as soon as we start messaging it is like we were hanging out the day before just talking about our days and nights.

This post is to thank Ahmed, for everything he has done for me. He’s the reason for my happiness today.


3 thoughts on “100 Happy Days Challenge – Day 6

  1. I’ve only had two friendships with people I met over the internet and they were great when it was happening, but slowly drifted into the darkness. Life is progressive like that sometimes. I’m glad to hear you are happy today. Lets hope it lasts for awhile. I would really appreciate it if you would check out my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kbeezyisviral

    • I’ve actually met a lot of people over the internet that I still talk to regularly. I guess that’s mainly because we all belong to the same exchange student organization. We have this way of understanding each other because we go through a lot of things the same way. I’ve notived we have a special connection that only exchange students would understand.

      I will check your page right now. 🙂

      • That makes a lot of sense. I’ve never had the opportunity to be an exchange student yet, but had many friends who were. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to share your experiences.

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