100 Happy Days Challenge, (Days 1 – 5)

I have been doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge on my Facebook and Instagram so I thought I might as well start doing it on my WordPress as well since I need to be on here more often.

The 100 Happy Days challenge is a challenge where people have to upload a picture each day of something or someone who made them happy. This challenge is to help people realize that there is a lot in our daily lives that make us smile. It is a way to stay more positive and also realize the small things that make us feel better. Everyone is very busy in their life that they sometimes forget to be happy or appreciative. This challenge helps change that.

If you would like to join the challenge you can sign up here www.100happydays.com.

I have already finished five days so I’m going to put them all under one post then I will begin posting each day separately.

Day 1: This little furball is my dose of sunshine every morning. I have to smile when I see him every morning and any time of the day actually. Pets truly become part of the family.

Day 2: Happiness is seeing your hard work payoff in school work! The only one in class that got a 100%. Having my priorities straight definitely helps me work hard for my grades. People can call me a nerd, or anything else for studying and doing my work but I couldn’t care less about their negativity because I am the one that’s getting the good grades and graduating early. yay!

Day 3: Happiness is reading a good book (Summer in a Red mustang with Cookies) in bed on a Thursday night. Nothing wrong with starting the weekend off relaxing after a long week. Time to drift into the book world.

Day 4: Happiness is when you get all dolled up to spend a night dancing with friends that you love. Celebrating a friends marriage (Mbarakeh). Great night!

Day 5: Happiness is having traditional Jordanian Mansaf for lunch with jameed specially from Jordan! Nothing beats an amazing home cooked meal. Who ever said Lebanese couldn’t make amazing mansaf?! lol


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