Dog by my office

There is this dog that is always on the grass in front of my office. He’s very skinny yet such a pretty dog. I’m not sure of his breed, but he looks like a short haired collie and is brown in color. I put water out for him every day when I see him, and share half my sandwich with him.

Today after I placed water out for him, I watched him through the window to see his reaction for the first time. He got up and drank, and when he was done he wet his paws. The weather today got up to 52 degrees Celsius at 1:00pm so you can imagine how terribly hot it is outside, with the humidity at 75%! Anyways, after he wet his paws he went and flipped the bowl over to wet the grass and then began rolling in the wet grass for a good two minutes. My heart broke. How I wish I could take him in, give him a bath and place him in a cold, comfortable room. Honestly, I’m too scared to touch him because I do not know what kind of diseases he may have. Plus, I’m sure my parents would freak out if I got a stray dog home and mixed him with our two dogs.

Unfortunately, in Qatar, animal care is not at top priority. There are not many vets around the country, and the governments’ animal shelter and vet have very limited space and resources. I am, however, trying to contact places around town to see if anyone can pick him up, clean him, vaccinate him, then hopefully find a loving family for him.

I hate how there are so many stray cats and dogs around town. I wish people here would show more care towards them.


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