His Smile Made Me Feel Accomplished

Since we began packing our house up to move we put aside all the clothes and shoes we wanted to donate.

Yesterday night, my sister and I took the big box and seven bags of shirts, pants, socks, bags, shoes, and hats to a donation box next to our house. As we were putting the bags in I noticed this young, poor man, from across the street just looking at us. I assume he was Indian. In Qatar, most of the expatriates from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan work at construction sites on very little wage, live in bad conditions, and get mistreated by so many people that think they are better than them.
I wanted to give this young man some of my brothers’ old clothes but they were already put in the donation box and we couldn’t get them out. I found a small backpack and two caps we were donating, so I decided to give them to him.

I called for him from across the street “Excuse me”, waving my arm, “can you come please”? He didn’t move. I did it again and he looked behind him, he was confused on why I would call him. I yelled, “yes, you, could you please come?” He walked over and I realized he doesn’t speak any English or Arabic. I pulled up the backpack and asked him if he wanted it and he nodded his head and a huge smile spread across his face. He took it and put it on his back instantly and shook his head in a way of saying thank you.

My sister and I proceeded to putting the rest of the boxes in, and he kept standing close by just smiling at whoever passed.

His smile made me feel like I accomplished something so big in my life. I have always done volunteer work around the country, but most of the time I don’t see the reaction of the people we are helping.

Before I got in the car and drove away, I gave him some money so he could go have some dinner. At first he refused to take the money, but then I kept insisting, telling him to go buy food and water for himself. He took the money and that smile just shined brighter.

Honestly, with all the disasters going on in my life, this mans’ smile made me feel at peace. I am definitely going to start doing some of my own volunteer work just to see more smiles like that.


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