Move on in life

Once I’m done with my job at the end of January, I will be ready to move. I don’t know if I will be able too, but my mind and soul will be ready to pack up and desert this country I call home.

I have outgrown this country and its people. This isn’t the place I want to be, and that is a fact. This isn’t the culture I want to live in anymore, and I do not want to restrict my life anymore.
I am ready to spread my wings and go anywhere I can. Whether it is a country to finish my education, or a country to work in, I will be ready to start fresh. To start a new chapter in my life.

Maybe I’ll move back to America, or maybe I’ll go somewhere I’ve never been like Jordan, or London, I’m not sure. This time, I’m not thinking of anyone. This time, I’m not going to consider how far I am going to be from friends or family, because the further I go, the happier I will be.

I want to be on my own. Maybe that is a horrible choice, and I will hate it, but at least I would have experienced something that has been my wish to try.


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