He said YES!

Would it be crazy to fly 12,708km for just a week?
Even if it would be, I’m still going to do it AND I AM SO EXCITED.

I have nine days off of work next month for Eid, (Muslim religious celebration), and I thought, what the heck, why don’t I fly to Texas! I have my visa to the US so no need to reapply, I have a place to stay, I have a big discount on the ticket, then why not?
However, being an Arab girl who still lives with her parents, it wasn’t my decision in the end, it was my dads. Even though I was super excited, I thought there was only a 20% chance he would say yes. No one in the Middle East flies to America for just a week. Most people thing if you’re going on a 15 hour flight then might as well make the stay abroad worth it. For me, going for seven exact days is worth the flight!

After work, I spoke to my dad and presented all the facts and gave him exact dates and times of flights. He looked at me like I was CRAZY! After letting it sink in a for a few minutes he said, YES! I was so shocked that I asked him if he was sure three times. Even my mom was in disbelief that he agreed.

After two years, I’m finally going to visit my host family and friends.

Now, that I have my fathers approval the only issue would be the flight. The catch of getting a cheap ticket is I only get on the flight if there is an empty seat. After checking the flights I’m planning on taking, they are still pretty empty however with three more weeks to go they can fill up. Praying this small trip works out! I would be the happiest person in the WORLD.



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