Je m’appelle Nadine


Yesterday, I had my frist French class, which I was very excited about. Being a Lebanese citizen people assume I know French because it is our second language, however, growing up in Qatar and being American English educated, I know 0.75% French.

My sister and I kept saying we wanted to take French classes but we were always too busy to sign up. Finally, we signed up and are attending.

For the first class, I thought it was pretty intense. I assumed we would start with the alphabets and numbers. You know, week days and months. It didn’t really go that way. She said we would speak English in this first class but in our next classes she will only speak French but we could answer her in English.

We started with basic conversations.. good morning, good evening, hello, goodbye.. We learned how to introduce ourselves, name, age, nationality, our motivation to learn French and where we live. We also spoke about different monuments in France. She would speak French fast every now and then and I would get wide eyed and just stare in confussion.

As a way to practice or pratique, as the french say, I will introduce myself in French!

Bonjour, (good morning)
Je m’apelle Nadine. (My name is Nadine)
Je suis célibataire. (I am single)
J’habite au Qatar, a Doha. ( I live in Qatar, Doha)
J’ai vingt et un ans. (I am 21 years old)

I will be having two hour classes twice a week for the next 3 months.. Let us see how much my French improves!


2 thoughts on “Je m’appelle Nadine

  1. I studied French in college for 2 years and at that point I was pretty good at it. Unfortunately, I haven’t practiced in a long time and now I feel like I barely could have a decent conversation without sounding like a 3-year old. Good luck in your classes!

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