I am home

As I stepped out of the sliding airport doors to the street in front of the Beirut airport, I froze as the slight breeze brushed across my face. With my eyes tearing up and a smile I never knew I had, grew across my face, I curled my fist up and whispered with excitement and pure joy, “I am home”.

Crossing the street and hoping into the passenger seat of a taxi I was lifted by so much positive emotion. Taking pictures and videos of everything around me, I wanted to make sure I recorded every moment I had.

With the windows rolled down and the fresh wind blowing my hair, I sat there smiling at the fluffy clouds that crossed the sky, and at the strangers that were driving by.

I knew Lebanon was beautiful, but I didn’t remember it was this outrageously mesmerizing. On one side I could see the mountains and the trees, while on the other side I could see the sea and the growing city. The nature was just so purifying that looking at it made me feel like I was being born again.

I did not remember streets and routes, but much of it looked familiar. Making our way up the mountains to Bikfaya, I just didn’t want that car ride to end. I felt like I was being driven around in a part of heaven.

Arriving to my small town, after lots of turns and slopes, I ran up to greet my parents who flew there two weeks before me. In that moment I realized, the last time I was with both my parents in that house was 15 years ago. Also, at that moment I realized, my heart will forever be in Lebanon.


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