Little girl, five years old,
Ran home, ready to throw herself in her daddy’s arms.

Walking up the stairs, and through the door,
She saw her siblings, barely holding on.

Tears in their eyes, trying not to break down,
Trying to stay strong, for the youngest child

Smart girl she was,
She knew what was wrong,
Daddy would no longer be coming home.

Aware of the world at a very young age,
She understood he was killed,
God took him away.

She ran through the house,
Looking for mom,
But mom was nowhere to be found.

Weak women, she was,
Always had bad thoughts.
Too distort to cope,
She took her own life.

So the little girl sat down on the floor,
Wrapped in the love of her siblings arms.
With the house dogs around them,
And the silence of loss,
These little kids,
Lost hope in God.

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