I’m a tour guide!

I met a guy at work, that has been in Qatar for a while, but never really got to see the country from a non-touristic view. He’s been to the tourist attractions of course, walking down the Cornish, having shisha at the souq, riding a buggy at sealine, taking a boat ride at the pearl, and roaming most of the malls, (which is pretty much all you can do here). But he has never really seen Qatar from a residents eyes.

I told him things would change now, I promised to show him around. Show him what people usually do here, show him the places locals and residence usually go to.

Going to tourist attractions in countries is nice, but I don’t believe you have seen a country or understood it’s people or traditions until you have been all around. He hasn’t seen the small streets or the cozy little cafes. He hasn’t seen the skyline from the perfect spot. He hasn’t tasted the traditional food, heard traditional music, or seen a traditional dance.

In this multicultural peninsula there’s so much to learn, not just about locals but about the different nationalities and cultures that make Qatar what it is.

I made a list of things to do, and day after day we will cross them out. From the little shisha bars, to having karak at the park. From walking around Katara and looking at the art. From playing at the bowling alleys and just spending the night at the movies, there’s actually a lot to do in this little country.

Other then the sites to see, and places to go, learning about the people, culture and traditions is a must here. It’s very different from most of the world, it has its unique way of going about life.

Every day I teach him a few new Arabic words, and we discuss the customs of Qatar. He was very curious about the people down here. Why they dress the way that they do, why they act in certain ways, and why so many rules are put in place.

So I made it my mission to be his tour guide and knowledge center, and it’s so much fun! I’m learning about Qatar all over again.


10 thoughts on “I’m a tour guide!

  1. I watch a lot of travel channel and I have seen a lot of places in the middle east that I would be interested in visiting. Unfortunately I also have heard Asians aren’t particularly welcome in a lot of middle eastern countries. Have you seen any of that?

    • Qatar, is a multicultural country. There are more expatriates here than there are locals. Actually there are lots of Koreans here and there is even a Korean school and a few Korean restaurants that I know of.

      The Middle East is very diverse and things change a lot from country to country, but there is not a lot of racism around, or not as the media would portray.

      Everyone is welcome in Qatar, and they treat people with lots of respect, but of course you do have a minority that stick to very strong cultiral and traditional thinking were they do not like accepting people different from them.

      • That is good to hear! Unfortunately I have experienced a ton of racism my whole life and even witnessed it in Korea so it is always good to hear there are parts of the world that aren’t like that. 🙂

      • I know what you mean. I lived in the US for a year when I was in high school (as an exchange student), and I did face some racism there just because I am an Arab. However, I never took it personally because I knew they were just ignorent people that did not know much about the world.

      • The school I went to was 50% African American and 35% Hispanic, the couple of Arabs there did not welcome me as well.. Haha, I guess we have more in common than I thought.

        You’re right, that is life, and we just take these experiences and move on in our life being better than everyone else.

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