Things Will Fall into Place

Before I graduated from college this summer I was very confused on what I was going to do after. Was I going to get a higher degree? or was I going to start working for a year or two then go finish my degree?

I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford university just yet, so I decided to concentrate more on finding a job.

Two weeks before I finished finals I got an email that I was accepted for an internship! I finished finals on a Thursday and then started my internship in Schlumberger’s finance department the following Sunday. It was a two month internship so that gave me a bit more time to think of my next step through.

Towards the end of my internship I was told that they wanted to hire me as a contractor for another five months. I was very shocked and happy. I said yes, on the spot.

Now, the five months are coming to an end. One more month to go. Will they keep me longer? I have no clue, but I decided not to stress myself out.

Things will fall into place. If a person keeps an open mind about the situations in their life, and keeps different options available then there should be no stressing.

If they decide to keep me, that’s fantastic because I love my job and I’m happy here.
If they decide to let me go, that’s fine to, because then I can go back to the US for a long, needed vacation.

Keep an open mind, and always look at the bright side of any situation you are in. I truly believe things will fall into place, but of course, only if you work towards what you want 😉


Merry Chirtsmas to All


Christmas is not only about snow, presents, santa, trees, and lots of good food.

Christmas is about love, family and peace.

Christmas is about is about forgiveness and thankfulness.

Most importantly, Christmas is about our Savior Jesus Christ.

May this year and every year bring you peace, love, and health.

Jesus the Savior is born!

Merry Christmas!
Joyeux Noel!
Feliz Navidad!
3eed Meled Majeed!



What a cruel place,
Would this world be,
Without a sister,
to walk beside me.

To have my back,
To make me laugh,
To be there through my hardest fights.

What a cruel place,
Would this world be,
Without a sister,
To stand by me.

Through the good,
Through the bad,
Through the happy,
Through the sad.

What a cruel place,
Would this world be,
Without a sister,
To protect me.

To hold my hand,
To keep me safe,
To hold me back,
From my mistakes.

What a cruel place,
Would this world be,
Without a sister,
To yell at me.

When I’ve done wrong,
When I’ve screwed up,
When I’ve decided to just give up.

What a cruel place,
Would this world be,
Without a sister,
To love me.

With my bad temper,
With my loud gestures,
With my imperfections,
And with my mistakes.


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!!


22! What a strange age.

First off, Taylor Swift’s song 22, has been stuck in my head all weekend! This women has catchy tunes I must say.

Now, back to being 22.

I turned 22 on the 19th of December, and I have been celebrating all weekend. My friends and family have been showering me with so much love! That is something I am sure of at this age, I am blessed with the people that surround me.

Everyone kept asking me how does it feel to be 22? Well, honestly, it feels a bit strange. What is this age? Where do I stand in life as a 22 year old, I am still not sure.

I don’t like comparing my life with other people of the same age or with other peoples achievements when they were 22. I mean, my mom was engaged at 22, and I am not getting engaged any time soon.

I have a great job, thankfully, but it’s not permanent. I’m still a contractor so I won’t find out until next month if they are keeping me full time or not. Education? That’s on a pause for now. Love life? absolutely zero, but that is something that just appears I don’t work for it or look for it.

I never looked far in life growing up. I never had my life planned out or anything so I don’t know if this is where I thought I would be by 22, but to be honest, I am happy with where I am in life right now.

I’ve learned a lot this year. Good and bad, but this is life, ay? Overall I had a great 21st and I’m excited to see what my 22nd has in store!


Five more days!

Five more days before I turn 22! I am full of excitement!!

There are so many plans I have in mind, and so many special people who want to celebrate my birthday weekend with me.

In this one year so much has changed. I will definitely be writing a post about all the things that have happened, and all the things that I have learned throughout this year.

Some days pass by and they just seem the same, while some days pass by and it seems like a month worth of activity has happened.

Just an exciting month! So much work to do and so much celebrations to have.