This is a sensitive topic, I know, but I would love to hear people’s opinions. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone too, not my intentions at all!

I was born a Christian however I never use to go to Church, or fast. I learned to pray in middle school, but only started praying daily the beginning of my senior year.
My dad thinks God is a bunch of stupidity and thinks the holy books and religious temples just brainwash people.
My friends are either very religious, or pretty much atheist.

Me… I don’t know where I stand. I do believe in God, but at the same time I don’t. Stuff I have read in the bible and other holy books, I just completely disagree with. I am filled with doubt, and am not sure of which direction to go.

I tried going to church every Sunday and reading the bible more, but I have not felt like anything has changed. The more I look into religion, the more I disagree with it.

Maybe it is because I wasn’t raised religiously, or maybe because the more I turn to God the more disaster happens in my life.

I have always been interested in all the religions of the world and know a lot about religion, especially Islam, but I’ve never really felt a calling. Going to Church doesn’t make me feel peaceful anymore. Even praying isn’t really making me feel any spiritually better, so sometimes I just sit and think why do I even pray?

My colleagues at work are atheist and think any religious believers are just nuts. With this day and time so much has been happening that has been proving God and religion wrong, but so much has been happening to kind of shine the light on religion and kind of prove that yes, there is a God out there.

With all the people I’ve spoken to and the things I have read I get even more lost. I have to say I am leaning away from religion, but feeling a bit guilty about it.

I want to know what you think of religion and God. Do you believe in God? if yes, what makes you believe in him/her? If no, what makes you not believe in God?


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  1. Hi, I’m a Christian was raised that way since birth, Christianity for me goes hand in hand with faith, the fact that you God exists means that you have the faith and that you do believe. My parents are very religious and have taught me how to pray and author important thing they taught was that no matter what goes on in your life no matter how bad things get, get on your knees and pray and trust that he will get out of that situation. I’ve learned to pray earnestly and openly and I still thank God everyday for what he done and for what he given me, even if my situation hasn’t improved I still thank him that he got me through that situation. I hope this helps

    • Thank you for your input. My mother and grandmother always tell me to pray and be positive. I still pray every night. I pray when I’m thankful and I pray when I need help. Sometimes I just feel like a hypocrate because I pray and go to Church but I don’t really believe in what I do.
      I guess I just need a sign or something to pull be closer to God.

      Thank you again,

      Have a great day!
      – Nadine

  2. I was born into a religious family but I’ve never had any interest. I believed in a higher power at that time but accepted that power as GOD because that’s what I was taught. I wasn’t much of a prayer till I meet my ex-girlfriend. That entire relationship was so confusing that I started to pray but it wasn’t honest. It was when I finally got my heartbroken by that relationship that I broke down and prayed honestly. What drew me into GOD was realizing that I WAS LOVED. I wanted love for so long and when I got I screwed it up and hurt not only myself but the one that I claimed to love. I went through this point where I started to believe that I couldn’t ever love and maybe it’s because I like girls and its GOD’s way of punishing me. It wasn’t. No matter how many books you read or people you may talk to, you are the only one able to seek the spirit within you. I truly to believe that it was GOD that lead me to UNITY church in which I learned about GOD’s love. That’s what makes me believe in him. I choose to see the circumstances and the people in my life through the eyes of the Lord. And those eyes are that LOVE. In ever story about Jesus, no matter who you were or what you did, HE STILL LOVED US. At that point I realized if he loves me, I can love myself! I realize that my life is only as bad as I make it. There is so much good within it, it’s what I choose to focus on. So things don’t go my way, I’m still able to pick myself up and know that he loves me anyway. People let you down, they’re human!! GOD doesn’t, there is a lesson to be learned within every situation and makes you stronger. I may not be where I want to be but I thank GOD I’m not still where I was, miserable and sad. I’m a better person through him, and I have faith that all will be well. 😊

    • Thank you for sharing your story with me!

      This is one of the things in all religions I do not agree with. I am pro-LGBT. I believe people have the right to love who every they want to as long as they are not harming the people around them. The main three religions (Judism, Christianity and Islam), say that homosexuality is a sin and should be punished through hanging, or killing. That is just absored in my opinion. In Islam, homosexuals are the most hated amoung God and I just do not understand that. God created you the way you are, why would He hate you?! That’s just how I see it.

      I’m very happy you shared your input on this peace.

      Have a great day, and God bless.
      – Nadine

  3. Belief in God is a personal matter, yet once a decision is made to believe it becomes a communal matter, between the individual and the religious community to which they attach themselves and to the God(s) that they choose to believe in.

    You’ve used terms like “proving God and reliqion wrong”, I hasten to say that you cannot “prove” the existence or non-existence of God, it is a matter of faith, a matter of belief.

    As a Catholic, I do not simply believe in God, I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, that through his simple commandment the world can be a better place; “Love one another, as I have loved you”

    People who choose to believe in a different God or in no God have a right to do so; for me, it is not the belief in a divine being that makes a person good or bad, it is their actions; as we know there are many “believers” who commit acts in the name of a God that are heinous and quite contrary to the “Love” that should be shown.

    • I completely agree with you. As I am trying to become a better religious person and go to Church more and pray more, I realize there is stuff I need to change in my daily life to make me more religious, it does not stop at praying and going to mass. I find that hard in the unreligious environment I am in. Specially since all my friends are Muslim, so I have no one to really dicuss Christianity with, or someone to help walk me through things.

      You are right, it doesn’t matter in what someone believes, as long as their actions are good then they are a good perosn, and I never judge someone based on their faith, or lack of it.

      Thank you very much for your input!

      Have a great day,
      – Nadine

  4. Religion is a personal choice. Many believe that atheism only stands for thinking logically or realistic which you shouldn’t deny. Neither love or religion are logical, but if you have faith, it makes sense to you.

    Personally, I am an atheist because I am a strong believer in people and that everything I achieve or lose is done by me, by my own knowledge or stupidity and I face it. I don’t believe in praying to God for an answer, or a push on the back, or for a tap on the shoulder. Everyone says it all starts with you. If you move, you’ll go further. It’s all how you’re raised.

    Most people who are not raised, but let to decide on their own, become atheists. At least from what I’ve read.
    You should not feel pressure into ”making a decision”.
    You can just respect religion, because Every religion is different, but simply don’t apply it. It is a brainwash of some sort, it’s basically a pattern made by people to follow.

    If you’re comfortable with that, just respecting it is enough.

    • I do think logically and that is why I have so much doubt in religion. That is also due to my fathers teachings. Growing up he use to always tell me, do not believe something unless you have proof or see it yourself. I agree with that. However, sometimes I look at the world and just think how is there all this beauty and miricals and yet do not believe a higher power exists.

      I agree with you on not praying for an answer. I feel that people put too much up to God and just sit and wait for results and I disagree with that. I believe that if you want something, you have to go for it. If praying helps you, then do that but do not put it all in the hands of God and just expect things to work when you aren’t even trying.

      I do see religion as a way of life that forces people to follow it. Even if people disagree with something from their religion they will still do it because they don’t want to go to hell, and are just so scared of judgement day. I don’t agree with that. If I do not agree with something I do not do it, and that is why sometimes I feel like a hypocrate. Why do I try and get closer to religion when there is so much I disgaree with.

      Thank you so much for your input!!

      Hope you have a great day.
      – Nadine

      • There are most disagreements than agreements in your comment and I can tell you, if I were to write it, I wouldn’t say it better myself. I think you answered your own question. 🙂

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