I’ve been thinking about traveling a lot. I’ve only been to five countries in my life, more than once to each.
There is a list of countries I would love to visit. From Greece to Scotland, from Denmark to Bulgaria, from Jordan to the US. So many places to go and so many things to see, but how unfortunate that we are so tied down by our jobs.

I might not have a job in the end of January and if that is the case then I am planning a three-month trip that starts in the US. I’ll probably just go to different states and then end it in Canada, but that’s better than nothing.

If only I did not need visitors visa to most of the world I would probably go to more places.

Going back to the US is certainly where I want to start, from there I’ll just see where the world takes me.


4 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Great start the U.S.
    We living in the U.S. have a tendency of taking this country and its beauty for granted. Every state is different from the next with its own history and beauty. Good luck and I hope you do get to experience the wonders of the U.S.

    • I love the US! I lived in Texas 2010 – 2011 and got to visit different States, then I went back in 2012 and spent a few months as well. It is so beautiful and you are right, every state has its own beauty and history!

      Have a great day,

  2. Good luck with your traveling plans! I don’t know who wouldn’t like to travel but I know one thing, for you its job, for me it studies, for somebody it could be money or visa issues or whatever — but something is always standing on the way. But well, this is what we call life.
    Have a good time in United States!!


    • Thank you, dear! That’s very true, other than my job, I run into visa issues sometimes because it takes so long to get a visa out. Something is always standing in the way but we learn to overcome these obsticles.

      Thank you again.

      Have a great day,

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