Heavy hearted

Your alarm rings in the morning,
You wake up heavy hearted.

They were in your dreams again.
Their voice still rings in your ear today.

It felt so real,
Their touch, their words.
It felt that they were so very close.

As your eyes open up and you tell your brain you need to crawl out of bed,
All the hate comes back, all the rage you tucked away.

Now you’re up on your feet,
With all this pain,
And you can feel your heavy heart pull you down again.


5 thoughts on “Heavy hearted

  1. I love the simplicity in your word choice! You don’t try to sound obscure, yet you manage to capture something complex with simple words. A lot of poets use long words and complicated language/grammar structures, and even though this works sometimes, I’ve always liked clarity best in poetry.

    Nice work! I enjoyed this.

    • Thank you very much. I’m happy you enjoyed reading it!

      I’m like you, I prefer clarity poetry. My writing is mainly simple words, I don’t like complecating my English, I enjoy keeping it on a certain level.

      Have a good day,
      – Nadine

  2. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there are certain things which always will have an impact on us.
    I love how you scribbled your pure feelings with utmost simplicity.
    Have a good day, Nadine.


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