First Week of 2015

Happy New Year wonderful followers!

The first week of this year has been absolutely amazing.

The days have been so unexpected. Reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in years, and making new genuine friends. My days have been filled with so much laughter, drinking and more than once I’ve stayed awake to watch the sun rise.

Looking back at 2014, I have to say it was a good year with a few disappointments.

I got to travel to Lebanon and I graduated. I found an amazing job instantly and I got to meet lots of celebrities. I made friends that are very different from me, yet we have a special connection. I lost friends who I thought would always be there for me, but they turned out to be liars and fakes.

I learned that I can be a very patient person, and I learned how to control my anger. I also learned that I can hold a lot of anger in me.

I realized that not everything happens for a reason, and that not every situation has a teaching. Sometimes life just screws you over and you just have to keep going forward.

I realized that positivity is the key to everything. As long as you keep positive thoughts and have positive vibes around you, you will be at peace with yourself and happy.

There is a thin line between being positive and lying to yourself, so I learned to always be honest with myself, and instead of lying to make a situation seem better in my eyes, I just look at it from a different perspective until I see the positivity from it.

I wish everyone has a wonderful 2015. May you travel more, and discover yourself. May you be a positive impact on someone elses life. May you quit bad habits, and develop new healthier ones. May you always have love in your heart, light in your eyes, and a smile on your lips.

Happy 2015 Everybody!


7 thoughts on “First Week of 2015

  1. Happy 2015, Nadine. I wish you a very blessed and prosperous year ahead. I hope that 2015 is all about the good stuff in your life and keep up with the positivity.

    To be fair, i really liked how you have distunguished between being honest to yourself and positive attitude at such a young age. I really hope I can be that practical. All the very best with your life and accomplishments in 2015.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Glad the years are treating you well! I loved the bit, “There is a thin line between being positive and lying to yourself, ” that is so true – happy new year perspectives!

  3. Hi Nadine. This post is a sweet one. I love your wishes for us your followers for 2015. I love to travel and hope that this wish will come true.Let me give you back a little of the so much that you’ve give to us: “May you always have love in your heart, light in your eyes, and a smile on your lips!” LOL!

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