“I’m Proud of Being ________”

I get annoyed when people say they are “proud” of being from where ever they are.
Being proud of something means you have worked hard to achieve it. A person being born into a nationality is luck, or fate, what ever you would like to call it, it is not something to be “proud” of.

How has your existence benefited your country, or how has your country benefited you. Of course this does not apply to everyone, but it applies to most people in the world, I believe.

Countries are man-made. Borders are created by powerful people. They can exist one day, and disappear the next. History of land lasts, cultures and traditions last, but countries do not.

Why is it necessary to define where you are from. Your passport does not define you, in my opinion. No matter where you are “from” in the world, that should not contribute to your identity.

My passport is Lebanese, however, I was born and raised in Qatar. I do not see myself as Qatari, but I also do not see myself as Lebanese as I never lived there and do not know much about it.

The issue with this world is governments want to separate us. Politics want to separate us so it is easier to turn on each other. I will not let politics interfere with my identity. Being “from” a country does not make you better than anyone else.

Many people ask others where they are from so they can segregate them into categories. “Oh, s/he’s Lebanese, meaning they do not like Syrians.. Oh s/he’s Turkish, meaning they do not like Armenians.. Of s/he’s American, meaning they do not like Saudi’s.. etc”. We are being divided based on man-made imaginary boarders and I will not allow that to happen to me.

People should start asking others “where do you live” or “where have you lived” instead of “where you are from”.

I am a citizen of this globe.

I am “from” each land I’ve ever lived on, each land I’ve ever visited, and each culture or tradition I have ever interacted with. I am from the highest mountains and the deepest seas. I am from the largest cities and the smallest valleys. I am from the North, the South, the East and the West. I am, a citizen of this world.

I am whoever I believe to be, and a piece of paper, or passport, will not define me.


8 thoughts on ““I’m Proud of Being ________”

  1. This is a very strong (And right) stand, Nadine! I loved how you said that you are the citizen of the globe. We all are. Borders cannot divide us. A mere piece of paper cannot be our definition when we didn’t even choose to be born there. I loved this post. You’re very opinionated and I like it even more when you express it with so much authority and power! Way to go, girl โค


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