The Second Stranger

Let me tell you about this man, you see, I met him only last week.

My brain is soaked in thoughts of him;
Words he said,
Looks he gave,
Hand gestures he made.

I close my eyes to imagine his face;
The way he stares,
The smile he wears,
The way he lights up when he speaks from the soul.

They told me he was a charmer, you see, but I didn’t believe.
I didn’t think I would get hooked so easily.

Now, I sit and think of him regularly.
I sit and wonder, if he thinks of me.

I’m limited with words and actions, you see.
Because this man works with me.

I analyze so much, of the time we spent together.
I analyze so much, of the words he whispered.
I analyze so much, of the comments he made.

But, yet again, maybe he’s just always that way.

Let me tell you one more thing about this man, you see, the one I only met last week.
His smile has me hooked,
His laugh has me mesmerized,
And his eyes? Yeah I can get lost in them all the time.


All I Want

All I want to do is,
Hike the mountains of Asia,
Go on a safari in Africa,
Wander the cities and towns of Europe,
Walk the beaches of America,
Eat the food of South America,
Enjoy the snow of Scandinavia,
And drown in the culture of each country I land on.

Oh May

Oh May,
Weren’t you just horrible.

Some days were filled with confusion and pain,
Some days were filled with frustration and rage,
Some days were filled with sleepless nights and unwanted dreams.

Today you end, so thankful for that.
31 days of hell, hope you won’t be back.

You were filled with obstacles and walls that wouldn’t let me pass.
You were filled with challenges that completely broke me down.

The one thing I kept in my mind this whole month is,
You don’t know the value of light, until you’ve drowned in the dark.

The first stranger

It was a hot, Friday afternoon, the beginning of the summer. I was enjoying a beer, while watching Rugby for the first time.
The game had finished, my friend and I walked inside to cool down in the AC, while our friend that was playing got something to eat.

We sat on the small stage, laughing out loud, and having to yell to hear each other because of the loud music. Out of nowhere he walked up, this tall, fit, European man, he extended his hand and introduced himself. My cheeks got red, as I said my name, because all I could look at was his shirtless chest.

He was just playing too, his cheeks red from the heat. He was celebrating because off to the finals they were heading. He stood with us for a while, talking and laughing as well. Maybe it was all the beer, and a bit of the heat that made me start asking him so many questions. I wanted to know more, more about him, about what he does, about where he’s from. I wanted to know all I could about this tall, sexy accented, blonde, European gentleman.

They eventually left to get ready for their final game, and I just sat there with my friend, letting all his words sink in. It was so obvious, that I was fascinated by him, even my friend nudged me and laughed at the smile on my face.

Hours went by, four to be exact, before he came back and started talk to me again. This time we were in the hall, where the party was just starting. We had beers and made fun of all the drunk people falling.

I don’t know how it started, I have to admit it was fuzzy, but his hands were around my waist, and our bodies were right up on each other. We swayed to the music, I don’t even remember what song. I remember we moved fast, and jumped up and down. He twirled me around, and away from him I’d dance, and then walk right back up to him, and place my hands on his arms.

I can’t even say how long we danced for or how many songs, because I swear it was like time had stopped, and no one else was around.

We eventually left the party, and sat outside. We spent hours together talking about life. We asked questions, and made jokes, we spoke of dreams and hopes. We shared our childhood memories, our successes and fears. We pretty much spoke about everything.

When the night was over, and I went back home, I couldn’t stop smiling from the way I spent my day.

It was a day filled with first, and I learned so many things, especially that a stranger took my breath away.