Goals and Dreams

“Follow your dreams”, they say. “Work hard for your goals”, they support. However, what is the point of it all if you have no goals and dreams in life?

Yes, I am a 22-year-old with no future goals, or dreams. I know I want to finish my education, but when or where isn’t decided. That’s the only thing on my mind pretty much. It can happen this year, or next year, or in five years, I don’t know, and I am fine with the uncertainty.

I do not want to start my own business, I do not want to run a company. I do not know what I want, and I am okay with that.

People in life put too much pressure on each other. They make it seem like life has to be lived a certain way. Certain things need to be achieved, goals needs to be put in place, and dreams need to be honored.

My take on that? basically, no. I’m just going through life day by day, and that’s okay.

I’m fine with not having anything to look forward to. So many people live in the future before it’s even here, they forget to enjoy the present. So many people outline their lives for the next five, ten years, and I just find that too tiring on one’s soul.

If you have goals and dreams and know what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it, that’s fantastic. Also, if you have no goals and dreams and are just dealing with life as it comes your way, that’s fantastic too.

There is no right or wrong to this, there is just inner peace with what you feel.


2 thoughts on “Goals and Dreams

  1. Goals and dreams are quite a complicated question: you know I am still like a 5 year old child. Sometimes I want to be something and the other day something else. It’s quite difficult to settle one’s mind with what they want. Perhaps, like you said we should just go for the inner peace and happiness but what’s the way to it?


  2. Hi, we are on the same age! And yeah… I know better how it feels. The pressure just won’t go away and that’s what makes me anxious everyday. I think what’s matter is to know yourself better, what you like and don’t like…what’s your dreams and what you wish you can be

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