It has been a year!

June 29th, 2015 marked my one year working for Schlumberger. Crazy how this worked out.

On June 29th, 2014, I joined Schlumberger, Qatar, for a two month internship. My life plan was to finish these two months then move to the US and see where life takes me from there.

When those two months were over, my manager asked me to stay until the end of January 2015. I thought, four more months won’t do no harm, I’ll just move to the US in February. End of January came and they have asked me to stay for longer. Now, I realize it has been a year, and I am still here.

People have asked me why I have stayed, why I did not just refuse the job offer and move to the US like I wanted to. Honestly, I could have done that, but, a little stability wasn’t a bad idea. I’m young, I was a fresh graduate with zero experience in my field, and I got a golden opportunity at an international firm. My heart wanted to be wild, but it was time to think with my head, and see what was best for my future. Thankfully I can move to the US anytime I want, no need to hurry it up since I have a great opportunity here.

I enjoy what I do, I am still learning a lot, and I would not mind staying here longer.

My biggest lesson was, don’t plan your future, ride the wave that comes your way!


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