Born in the wrong Fashion Era

Picture from Google

Picture from Google

Yesterday my friend and I watched the movie Grease online. It is definitely one of my favorite movies and I could never get bored with watching it. I love the characters and the different personalities, and I mean, it’s John Travolta, who wouldn’t love anything he is in?

A couple of things I could not stop thinking about from yesterday are:

1) Women and Men looked a lot more healthier and a lot skinner than women and men these days. I mean everyone in the movie was thin and looked fit. Shows you how much obesity has increased recently. Shows you how much the food we eat these days are horrible compared to back then.

2) I absolutely love what they wear! Cheerleaders are in long skirts and long-sleeved shirts. I would rather see that, than cheerleaders these days were they barely even wear anything. The fashion in the 50’s was so much more colorful, classy, and just plain out nicer than these days. Girls barely cover themselves, or they just dress in baggy clothes. What happened to dressing up neat and clean to school, the theater, to dinner? There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to look nice people!

I am not big on fashion trends, I definitely do not keep track of what is “in” and what isn’t. All that matters, in my opinion, is for a person to look clean, to look neat, and to dress appropriately to where ever they go.


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