It’s Always A Good Time To Give


One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is when you give knowing you will not receive anything in return.

A couple of my friends and I put in some money together and went shopping for hygiene products. With the support of our exchange student program, Kenndy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES), we decided we wanted to make hygiene packages and give them out to gas station workers around Qatar. We bought 40, shampoo bottles, bars of saop, tooth pastes, tooth brushes, ear buds and wet wipes, and of course plastic ziplock bags to package them in.

I took them all home and spent three hours removing prices, printing logos, and putting them all together. Knowing that they were going to people that would appreciate them, I was very motivated and was working with a big smile on my face.

Putting the 40 simple packages together did not cost much and was not very time consuming. It is a small idea, however, a powerful gesture for the men that will receive them. We want them to know, that even though we do not show it much, we really appreciate all the work they do for the citizens and residents of Qatar. We want them to know that their hard work, and their patiences while standing outside all day in the heat and humidity is taken notice for and we appreciate everything they do.

We will be giving out the packages in the next few days. I will write a post sharing pictures of the men we gave the packages too.



6 thoughts on “It’s Always A Good Time To Give

  1. Great idea! It’s not only the gift but the loving thought behind the gift that makes it special! It’s true too, nothing feels as good as giving, to see the faces light up. God bless you!

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