Loss, over & over again

My eyes have cried,
My hands have trembled,
My sleepless nights consist of thinking about you.

My heart was aching,
My scars wide open,
My breath was taken away.

I yelled,
I cussed,
I completely broke down.
My faith was dragged across the ground.

I was hopeless
I was confused,
I was taken completely off guard.

Years have passed,
Nothing has changed.
The pain still stings the same.

Memories of you live,
I make sure of that,
I speak on and on,
About all you are, were, to me.

The pain will never truly go away.
We will push it to the side,
Try to move on with our lives.

But then every now and then,
Nights will be filled with dreams of the dead.
Hearts will ache for their loss all over again.
Our wounds will split right open,
Then we will slowly nurse ourselves to heal.

And that process goes on and on,
Until one day, we stop to breathe.

7 thoughts on “Loss, over & over again

  1. “Our wounds will split wide open”
    The imagery is intense! Very raw, emotive and well-written poem 🙂

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