How can I put into words the way my heart beats while I am around you?

How can I put into words the peacefulness my soul feel because of you?

You entered my life out of the blue, and swept me away on day two.

I was mesmerized, wowed, blown away, all by the things you had to say. I fell for the way you spoke, and the way you sang. I fell for your words, your opinions, your points.

Your smile and eyes, your sweet gestures and laugh, those all helped ignite my addiction. With every moment I spent with you, my craving for you grew.

You awoke a part of me that I had believed to be long gone. Vibes rushed through my body like never before. You gave me feelings I never knew I had.

I surrendered myself to you and you handled me with so much passion and care. You took me to a world I didn’t know existed. I never knew one person could fill me up with so much happiness and joy.

I was always happy on my own, but since you entered my life, you made me the happiest human on this globe.


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