Words of a book I would never write #3

She stood in the middle of the crowd waiting to spot him. People rushed by, pushing and shoving, trying to get to where they were going. She just stood there and waited.

She wanted to have the first glimpse. As she was turning in her place she saw him in between the chaos. He stood there in his white polo and dark blue jeans. Clean shaved and hair cut fresh. His big, hazel eyes stood out from the crowd, and suddenly the place went quiet to her. She couldn’t hear the noise of the people around. Everything seemed to slow down to her eyes.

He noticed her and the widest, brightest smile appeared on his face, which made her heart race. Without even thinking, she was running and pushing through the crowed to get to him. Jumping into his arms, emotions ran through her and she knew, she knew, this is what it felt like to be home.


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