He’ll never admit it

I know he still loves me. I catch him staring at me when he thinks I’m not looking. I notice the way he acts differently when I’m around. If he didn’t still love me, he would treat me just like any other person, but he doesn’t. I hear the hesitation in his voice before he says my name. I see the curiosity in his eyes when I talk about something and he wants to know more but he doesn’t want to be the one that asks. I know he still loves me. I know he still cares. But he’ll never admit it to me. He’ll never admit it to himself.


The Second Stranger

Let me tell you about this man, you see, I met him only last week.

My brain is soaked in thoughts of him;
Words he said,
Looks he gave,
Hand gestures he made.

I close my eyes to imagine his face;
The way he stares,
The smile he wears,
The way he lights up when he speaks from the soul.

They told me he was a charmer, you see, but I didn’t believe.
I didn’t think I would get hooked so easily.

Now, I sit and think of him regularly.
I sit and wonder, if he thinks of me.

I’m limited with words and actions, you see.
Because this man works with me.

I analyze so much, of the time we spent together.
I analyze so much, of the words he whispered.
I analyze so much, of the comments he made.

But, yet again, maybe he’s just always that way.

Let me tell you one more thing about this man, you see, the one I only met last week.
His smile has me hooked,
His laugh has me mesmerized,
And his eyes? Yeah I can get lost in them all the time.

What if. . .?

What if you could see people’s feelings through their eyes?
What if you could see the pieces of their broken heart?

Would you walk away?
Stay clear of the mess?

Or would you lend a helping hand?
Would you try to help them mend?

What if you could see people’s feelings through their eyes?
What if you could see the scars from their battered heart?

Would you turn around?
Would you go a separate way?

Or would you help them heal?
Would you hold them close all day?

What if you could see people’s feelings through their eyes?
What if you could see all the tears they cried?

Would you leave them astray?
Let them go their way?

Or would you wipe those tears with the palm of your hand?
Would you help them swim out of the puddle they are drowning in?

What if?
What if. . .?

Those Eyes

There’s a saying that goes around,
When someone gets mesmerised in eyes,
“I can get lost in your eyes”,
They say,
But honestly I never felt that way.

Until that morning I started work,
I sat there and froze,
I felt out in space.
All because your eyes looked my way.

There is not a color to describe those beauties.
Not in any language, book, or any movie.
The way their shade changes,
Depending on your mood,
Got my heart skipping,
for you.

Until this day,
Whenever you’re around,
I stop for a moment,
And lose myself in the crowd.

A word should be created for your eyes,
A whole langue should be created,
To describe their beauty.

Blazing Soul

The immortal part of me,
My soul,
It is a fire.

It is a fire that feeds off of your ways.
It feeds off of your voice and your words,
Your gaze and your eyes,
Your lips, and your touch.

My fire roars at the sight of you.
You start the spark that ignites my soul,
Lighting the insides of me with a blazing fire.

Because of you,
The fire inside of me cannot be tamed,
It runs wild and uncontrollable,
At the mere sight of you.

Stop and Stare

My train of thoughts get distracted,
My eyes instantly look your way.
Your walk, your smile
Have me enchanted,
All I want is to stop and stare.

Something about you,
Has me so mesmerized.
Your smile alone,
gets me all energized.

Every time you cross my path,
My smile stretches,
Just from one glace.

My heartbeat races,
And it feels like I’m on pages,
Of a story written with looks.