He’ll never admit it

I know he still loves me. I catch him staring at me when he thinks I’m not looking. I notice the way he acts differently when I’m around. If he didn’t still love me, he would treat me just like any other person, but he doesn’t. I hear the hesitation in his voice before he says my name. I see the curiosity in his eyes when I talk about something and he wants to know more but he doesn’t want to be the one that asks. I know he still loves me. I know he still cares. But he’ll never admit it to me. He’ll never admit it to himself.



The city lights at night remind me of you,
I’m not sure why, they just do.

I sit there and wonder,
Where you might be.
I sit there and wonder,
If you ever think of me.

Do I cross your mind?
Do I appear in your dreams?
Do you still smile,
When you think of me?

Am I pain from your past,
Or am I a sweet memory?
I just sit there and wonder,
If you ever think of me.

Years go by,
We grow,
We change,
but a piece of my heart,
Will forever,
be yours to keep.

I have chosen you

I have chosen you,
I have chosen you, as the dose to my addiction, and the light in my life.
I have chosen you, as the ignition to my passion, and the inspiration of my dreams.
I have chosen you, as the remedy to my pain, and the guidance to my future.

I have let you,
I have let you, into my thoughts, into my soul.
I have let you, see the darkest parts of my life, and know my weakest points.
I have let you, sink into the beats of my heart, and swim in the pleasure of my form.

I give you,
I give you, my days and my nights.
I give you, my present and my future.
I give you, my faith, trust and love.

Because I choose you, for today, tomorrow, and forever.