Book Review – Local Girl Missing

Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas, was a great read. I finished the book in three days because, well, I had a lot of free time on my hands, and I just couldn’t put it down. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next!

The book is about a 21 year old girl, named Sophie, that goes missing in a small town and it breaks her best friends heart. After almost 20 years, Sophie’s brother Daniel and her best friend Francesca go back to the old town and look for answers.

There is a huge twist in the book that makes you question so much! The end, was definitely a shocker but it was a very good ending! 


Leading someone on

Is it not the sweetest feeling when you meet someone and there is a click. You start speaking regularly, and you get butterflies. You look forward to the phone calls throughout the day and the sweet goodnight messages. You get that ‘awww’ feeling when you wake up with a good morning message, and when you see them in person your heart just skips a beat.

This goes on for a month or two, and then you admit that this person has become a part of your life. Not speaking to them daily just feels wrong.

And then, when you least expect it, right out of the blues, they just cut you off. They take a long time to reply, they speak more formally, or they just stop replying. You, of course, feel absolutely horrible. How else would you feel?

You let it go on for a couple of days while you feel absolutely worthless, then you decide to mention it to the person. There are two ways they would react to this. One way is where they would act like they are the nice, and thoughtful person and say they don’t want to hurt you. They will say something along the lines of, “I think I’m falling in love with you, and I just don’t want to hurt you at the end. You’re a wonderful and sweet person and I don’t want to ruin our friendship”(even though there is no friendship to pick up after all this). When they play the good guy/girl, that makes you feel even worse, but it shouldn’t.

The second way they would react to such a situation, is by becoming rude and mean. They start belittling you with every word they say, and make you think that you’re crazy. They make you feel like you were in your own bubble and the feelings and emotions were just coming from you, not them as well. That, makes you feel stupid.

No matter what way they react it will hurt, but you should always remember that they are the ones that have done you wrong by leading you on in the first place if they didn’t intend to stay in your life.

There is no excuse that could justify a person when they lead someone else on without the intend of loving them. I believe, a person that leads someone else on and then cuts them off just does it because they have low self-esteem and they want to feel special for a while and then just disappear when they have had enough. They only try to make themselves feel better, and they do not truly care about the other person.

I know, I know, some of you are thinking, but it felt so real.. how can someone show so much love and passion towards an individual and then just forget it, right? Well, some people are just ill and see this as a game. Maybe they try to see how many people they can get interested in them and then just walk away. It is disgusting to know that there are humans that do that.

At the end, just remember, YOU are better than them. YOU are worthy of so much more. YOU will find someone who truly deserves you.

They might come back to you later when they realize they have made a mistake, but at the end there are only two types of people in the world, the ones you can forgive and the ones you need to forget. People that lead you on with no intentions of actually going further in the relationship, are the ones that you need to forget.

100 Happy Days Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 : Happiness is a friend that lives thousands of miles away yet is always there for you. Happiness is finding someone you can count on to hear you complain and rant no matter what time it is. I’m so blessed to have this guy in my life, even if our friendship is through a phone and computer screen. I’ll probably never get to go to Gaza and he’ll probably never get to come to Qatar, however we will meet again in person someday, I know it.

Some people may find it strange how two people can be so close yet live in different countries. However, being an exchange student, you understand the true meaning of friendship, and you begin to realize that usually the closest people to your heart and the people that know you the most are the people that don’t live in the same country as you.

We don’t have to speak on a daily basis, heck, we can go a week or two without texting because of our busy lives, but as soon as we start messaging it is like we were hanging out the day before just talking about our days and nights.

This post is to thank Ahmed, for everything he has done for me. He’s the reason for my happiness today.