Things get worse,

Life gets harder,

People become rude,

Friends pick up and leave for good.

Siblings stop talking,

Money runs out,

Storms pick up and destroy everything in sight. 

Hope gets lost,

Patience runs out,

Sickness overcomes,

Nothing remains but to tap out. 


Everything is worth a shot

You’re scared aren’t you? We’re all a little scared.

You may be scared to start over, or scared to try something new. Maybe you’re scared to get hurt all over again. You might be scared to move on, or even scared to let go. You could be scared to be honest with someone, or even worse, you may be scared to be honest with yourself.

What ever it is, fear always lingers in us. Some show it, some don’t, but everyone feels scared even if it’s just in the back of their minds.

We say we’ve been through it all, we say we’ve felt it all and that we are prepared for what is coming, but then we get hurt, and it feels worse. The cut feels deeper, the bruise stays longer, the comfort feels like it’s never coming back.

Every time we fail, we question ourselves over and over again. We lose faith in ourselves, and in our ideas. Our thoughts, and emotions become our worst enemy and we just throw our hands in the air and give up.

Time passes, and you build yourself up again. We tell ourselves this time we are stronger, this time it is different, this time we will make it work. A couple of days pass and things mess up again and you blame yourself all over again.

You question and question, but they never get answered. You might cry, you might not. You might sit alone, in the silence, as your thoughts eat away on your emotions or you might go to the most crowded place you know and try to push your judgmental thoughts away. We all deal with it differently, but we all get it the same way.

Fear is always going to be in our lives; second thinking is always going to be in the back of our minds; Regrets? Maybe, but no matter what at least you tried. You might have gotten hurt, or broken but everything is worth a try. You may have failed or gave up, but at least you gave it a shot.

It’s always better to know you tried and it didn’t go the way you wanted, then to know you never tried and will never know what might have happened.