My Beautiful

My hair is not always in place,
My nails are not always painted neatly.
My face is not always clear,
Makeup does not always cover my face.
My clothes are not always ironed right,
And the colors I wear don’t always match.
I don’t have a sweet laugh,
But rather an obnoxious one.
My teeth are not perfect,
And my smile is not always straight.
My voice is not always soft,
My words are not always graceful.
My eating can be messy,
And if the drink is good then there could be a slurp at the end.
I don’t always have good days,
I can be mean when I’m mad.
But even though,
My character is strong,
My soul is sensitive.
My hand is always held out to help,
My arms are always welcoming to new and old friends.
I can strike up a conversation with a total stranger,
I can strike up a conversation with an animal.
I am genuine,
I am straightforward,
I am honest,
I am caring.
And that, that is my beautiful.


Stop and Stare

My train of thoughts get distracted,
My eyes instantly look your way.
Your walk, your smile
Have me enchanted,
All I want is to stop and stare.

Something about you,
Has me so mesmerized.
Your smile alone,
gets me all energized.

Every time you cross my path,
My smile stretches,
Just from one glace.

My heartbeat races,
And it feels like I’m on pages,
Of a story written with looks.