Things get worse,

Life gets harder,

People become rude,

Friends pick up and leave for good.

Siblings stop talking,

Money runs out,

Storms pick up and destroy everything in sight. 

Hope gets lost,

Patience runs out,

Sickness overcomes,

Nothing remains but to tap out. 


One decision I should have made

One decision I should have made,
was the decision to walk away.
I should have left,
Just turned my back,
I should have never let you stay.

It has been so long,
since you’ve been gone,
And I still regret the time I lost.
In all my life, and all my mistakes,
You’re the only one, I wish I could change.

Where to start

I thought I knew what I wanted,
I thought I had it figured out.
I always argued for what I was feeling,
For what I believed was right.

Time has passed
And I feel so lost,
thinking I made a mistake.

My mind is confused,
My sight is unclear,
I don’t know my left from my right.

How do you go on,
When you know you need change,
But don’t know where to start?


Like a river they flow right out of my eyes down my cheeks.

No matter how hard I try to hold them back, I cannot control my tears.

No matter how hard I try and convince myself I am happy,

No matter how hard I try and stay positive,

Nothing works.

When your whole heart and every vain in your body knows you are unsatisfied,

How do you change your mood?

How do you stop your tears?