Book Review – Local Girl Missing

Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas, was a great read. I finished the book in three days because, well, I had a lot of free time on my hands, and I just couldn’t put it down. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next!

The book is about a 21 year old girl, named Sophie, that goes missing in a small town and it breaks her best friends heart. After almost 20 years, Sophie’s brother Daniel and her best friend Francesca go back to the old town and look for answers.

There is a huge twist in the book that makes you question so much! The end, was definitely a shocker but it was a very good ending! 


Day 2 – 20 Facts about you

I’m a day late but it’s okay, I’ll post Day 2 & 3 today to stay on track.

Here goes 20 facts:

1. I was born on December 19.
2. I have an obsession with batman and anything with the batman logo on it.
3. I love public speaking.
4. I always wanted to be a TV show host.
5. I dream of publishing an advice book.
6. I would love to live in a different country every few years.
7. I love tequila!
8. I’m a very loud person.
9. I have a huge passion for dancing.
10. Coffee is my drug in life.
11. I love playing soccer and watching it often.
12. I have a very sweet heart that people always take advantage of.
13. I’ve had the same best friend for 8 years now and I love her to death.
14. I love animals and I have two dogs.
15. I love to read and I sob at good books and movies.
16. I’m always singing but I don’t have a good voice.
17. I’m not a healthy eater at all.
18. I love country music.
19. I wish I had more time to write.
20. I have a bad temper.

Your voice is my strength

Suddenly one day, out of the blues I realized, your voice is the only voice that can calm me down. Your voice is the only voice that can truly put a smile on my face.

As I get depressed from different issues in my life I begin to isolate myself from friends and family. Other than my work colleagues (because I have to see them every morning), I avoid everyone once I get home. I lock myself in my room with a book and just disappear.

I try changing my mood myself. I turn some music on, but then that leads to sad music that puts me down even more. I turn on the TV but then you have all these romantic movies or happy family movies on every channel that make you feel worse.

Friends text me, and I avoid their messages as if I don’t have my phone with me. If I had to reply then I would lie saying I’m busy with work, or with the family, just because I don’t feel like putting on proper clothes and leaving the front door.

In the middle of all this isolation, I get a text from you and I can’t help but reply right that instance. You of course can tell when something is wrong even if I try to hide it through the letters of my words.

Even when I don’t want to hear my voice, I will talk for hours if it means I get to talk to you. On the phone, your voice smothers me with love and care. I feel more relaxed and free just by the sound of your laugh, or the funny noises you make to get me giggling. You can tell when I’m breaking down, and if I have cried that day just by the way I sound. No one can notice that like you. With me throwing random words out and not making sense at all, you still perfectly understand what I am trying to say.

That moment, that pure moment I realized, your voice is my strength. That specific moment I realized if it wasn’t for your voice and your care I would be at rock bottom not wanting to move or feel better.

Your voice gives me a reason to, smile and work hard. It gives me a reason to believe in a brighter future. That alone helps me get back up on my feet and gives me something to fight for when the whole world is crashing down on me.

100 Happy Days Challenge, (Days 1 – 5)

I have been doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge on my Facebook and Instagram so I thought I might as well start doing it on my WordPress as well since I need to be on here more often.

The 100 Happy Days challenge is a challenge where people have to upload a picture each day of something or someone who made them happy. This challenge is to help people realize that there is a lot in our daily lives that make us smile. It is a way to stay more positive and also realize the small things that make us feel better. Everyone is very busy in their life that they sometimes forget to be happy or appreciative. This challenge helps change that.

If you would like to join the challenge you can sign up here

I have already finished five days so I’m going to put them all under one post then I will begin posting each day separately.

Day 1: This little furball is my dose of sunshine every morning. I have to smile when I see him every morning and any time of the day actually. Pets truly become part of the family.

Day 2: Happiness is seeing your hard work payoff in school work! The only one in class that got a 100%. Having my priorities straight definitely helps me work hard for my grades. People can call me a nerd, or anything else for studying and doing my work but I couldn’t care less about their negativity because I am the one that’s getting the good grades and graduating early. yay!

Day 3: Happiness is reading a good book (Summer in a Red mustang with Cookies) in bed on a Thursday night. Nothing wrong with starting the weekend off relaxing after a long week. Time to drift into the book world.

Day 4: Happiness is when you get all dolled up to spend a night dancing with friends that you love. Celebrating a friends marriage (Mbarakeh). Great night!

Day 5: Happiness is having traditional Jordanian Mansaf for lunch with jameed specially from Jordan! Nothing beats an amazing home cooked meal. Who ever said Lebanese couldn’t make amazing mansaf?! lol