Soul Recognition

Something about him was familiar. I knew we never met before but his presence felt extremely familiar. Those bright eyes pierced me with comfort. That smile overwhelmed me with a cozy feeling.

How could you feel so familiar when our paths had never crossed before?

I was in a new city, surrounded by strange people, and everyday you stood out. I would smile, I would say hello, but for a confident person, I couldn’t summon up the courage to approach you and start a conversation.

On our last night in that interesting city I decided it was now or never. We ended up speaking for hours, and I understood how my soul got attracted to you before I knew anything about you.

You have a vibe that I haven’t been introduced to before. A personality of gold, and the more I got to know you, the more my heart wanted to hold on.

My insides did not just do jumping jacks all night, they started a protest inside of me to not let you walk out of my life.

As the sun started to come up I realized this night, that felt like a chapter out of my favorite romance novel, was about to end. You would be getting on a flight back home in a few hours, and I would be getting on a flight back to my home later that day.

How can a conversation with a stranger change so much in you? A couple of hours with you changed my point of view on important aspects in my life. Days later and your voice filled with advice and knowledge rings in my head. You left a print on my soul, and I sit and wonder if I left a print on yours.




What is home to you?

Is home where you grew up?

Is home where you originated from?

Is home in between the four walls you call your comfort zone?

Is home where your mother lays her head at night?

Is home where you have the back alleys all memorized?

Is home where you got your education and threw your cap?

Is home where you met your significant other? or where you started a family?

Is home where you scrapped your knees and counted the trees you passed?

Is home under the roof you built? the stones you put together?

Is home where you find he comfort of your friends?

What is home to you?

I Just Want To Leave

Contemplating whether I should be a responsible adult and stay in my job, or whether I should quit what I do, leave where I was born and raised, and just try to start a life where I would rather be.

It is not easy immigrating to a new country especially when you do not already have a job offer there, but I feel like it would all be worth the struggle.

Then again, wouldn’t I be considered a horrible daughter just leaving my parents behind when they want me with them?

All these Arabs ways of life and expectations; how I wish I could rip them away from me. All these Arab “traditions” and “customs”, how I wish I could tell my parents I do not care about all of them. I do not care about what is expected from an Arab female and what is inappropriate for an Arab female to do.

I dream of the day that I pack my bags and never look back on this place.

But Then There Was Him…

As I grew, I began to realize the beauty of this world.
The beauty of the Lebanese sunrise on the mediterranean;
The beauty of a star filled sky in Lubbock;
The beauty of the Christmas lights on the houses in Chicago.

As I grew, I began to understand the beauty of this world.
The beauty of helping an elder cross the street;
The beauty of feeding a stray animal that sits at the corner of the office;
The beauty of watching family members walk through the airport gates as they come home after a long time.

As I grew, I experienced the beauty of this world.
The beauty of walking the stage at graduation;
The beauty that comes from excitement while on an airplane;
The beauty of feeling independent at my first real job.

As I grew, I thought I had understood what true beauty in this world was,
But then there was him…

At that moment, I learned how to feel beauty with every fiber in my being.
The beauty of his lips on mine;
The beauty of his fingers on my skin;
The beauty of his warm breath on my neck;
The beauty in the sound of his heartbeat.

At that moment, I learned how to feel beauty with every fiber in my being.
The beauty of his single dimple that makes my heart rush;
The beauty of his dark eyes that make me blush;
The beauty of his voice every time he says a word.
The beauty in his tight hugs when he doesn’t want me to go.

At that moment, I learned how to feel beauty with every fiber in my being.
The beauty of falling asleep in his arms;
The beauty of waking up to his kiss;
The beauty of the fire we ignite;
The beauty of the passion in our chest.

And now, I know,
that beauty I felt,
will never come again,
except from him.

Day 2 – 20 Facts about you

I’m a day late but it’s okay, I’ll post Day 2 & 3 today to stay on track.

Here goes 20 facts:

1. I was born on December 19.
2. I have an obsession with batman and anything with the batman logo on it.
3. I love public speaking.
4. I always wanted to be a TV show host.
5. I dream of publishing an advice book.
6. I would love to live in a different country every few years.
7. I love tequila!
8. I’m a very loud person.
9. I have a huge passion for dancing.
10. Coffee is my drug in life.
11. I love playing soccer and watching it often.
12. I have a very sweet heart that people always take advantage of.
13. I’ve had the same best friend for 8 years now and I love her to death.
14. I love animals and I have two dogs.
15. I love to read and I sob at good books and movies.
16. I’m always singing but I don’t have a good voice.
17. I’m not a healthy eater at all.
18. I love country music.
19. I wish I had more time to write.
20. I have a bad temper.