We are daughters, mothers and wives.
We are engineers, scientists, pilots, accountants, and stay at home moms.

We are of all races and religion,
We are of all demographics and history.

We are dreamers, hard workers, and ambitious.
We are leaders, followers, and peace-makers.

We are strong, loud, and passionate.
We are here, there, and everywhere.

We are the future, we are the present, and we are the past.
We are educated, taught, and lead.

We have rights, we have rules, and we have oppertunities.
Most importantly, we are equal.



Last week my host mom informed me that she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I was in complete shock and tears. I didn’t know how to react or what to say. I learned that the most important thing I should tell her, always, is that I love her, and that I am with her through every step. Even though I am miles away.

I decided to put together a care package for her, but I am not sure what to add in it. I decided to put a scarf and fuzzy socks. I’m also adding this specific food from my part of the world that she loves. I am including a notebook and pen, so she can write her experiences down, or anything she would want to.

What else do you suggest I should put in the care package?