Let Me Explain

Let me explain how I feel about you
Not by speaking or by writing, not even with words.

Let me explain how I feel about you,
With the look in my eyes, the way you make me blush, and the way you make my smile shine.

Let me explain how I feel about you,
with the racing beat of my heart, and the biting of my lip.

Let me explain how I feel about you,
With your lips as paper, and my kisses as pen.

Let me explain how I feel about you,
In action rather than words because the heart feels what it sees more than it listens to what it hears.


Such a Waste

After all this time,
all the things you did,
finally, I call it quits.

I’m long gone,
completely done and through,
with all the hurt and feeling blue.

I gave you chances,
I tried to adjust,
but you have absolutely lost my trust.

Now it’s time for me to shine,
to spread my wings,
and soar the skies.

You really are a horrible excuse of a man,
what a disgrace,
you were such a waste.

Everything is worth a shot

You’re scared aren’t you? We’re all a little scared.

You may be scared to start over, or scared to try something new. Maybe you’re scared to get hurt all over again. You might be scared to move on, or even scared to let go. You could be scared to be honest with someone, or even worse, you may be scared to be honest with yourself.

What ever it is, fear always lingers in us. Some show it, some don’t, but everyone feels scared even if it’s just in the back of their minds.

We say we’ve been through it all, we say we’ve felt it all and that we are prepared for what is coming, but then we get hurt, and it feels worse. The cut feels deeper, the bruise stays longer, the comfort feels like it’s never coming back.

Every time we fail, we question ourselves over and over again. We lose faith in ourselves, and in our ideas. Our thoughts, and emotions become our worst enemy and we just throw our hands in the air and give up.

Time passes, and you build yourself up again. We tell ourselves this time we are stronger, this time it is different, this time we will make it work. A couple of days pass and things mess up again and you blame yourself all over again.

You question and question, but they never get answered. You might cry, you might not. You might sit alone, in the silence, as your thoughts eat away on your emotions or you might go to the most crowded place you know and try to push your judgmental thoughts away. We all deal with it differently, but we all get it the same way.

Fear is always going to be in our lives; second thinking is always going to be in the back of our minds; Regrets? Maybe, but no matter what at least you tried. You might have gotten hurt, or broken but everything is worth a try. You may have failed or gave up, but at least you gave it a shot.

It’s always better to know you tried and it didn’t go the way you wanted, then to know you never tried and will never know what might have happened.

Killing in the name of God

I don’t understand. I honestly, and truly, do not understand what the burning of Churches and Mosques in Egypt is going to do any good for anyone.

How is burning God’s temples going to win a war, or solve any issue to that matter.

You want to fight over presidents, and fight over how people don’t have the same opinions as you, go ahead and do that, but bringing religion into it and saying you’re killing innocent men, women, and children, and burning holy temples in the name of God, is absolute madness.

In what religion, or what belief does it say you can kill humans in the name of God? What page in the holy books is it on because I might have missed it, since all these Arab people have been killing in the past years saying ‘that’s what their religion teaches them’.

I don’t care about politics, I think it is an absolute headache and I rarely read the news. But when people mix politics with religion, that’s when I get frustrated and start loosing faith in humanity.

Blessed are the dead for they do not live in this cruel world anymore.

May the souls of the innocent people murdered in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iraq and all over the world, rest in peace

Remind Me

Remind me
Remind me of who I use to be.

Remind me of the smile that never left my face
And the laughter that filled my air.

Remind me of my goals
And of my dreams
Remind me of who I use to be.

Remind me of my faith
And remind me of my hopes.

Remind me how negative energy
Was never a part of my world.

Remind me of my determination
And of my hard work.

Remind me of the love I had
for my life, and for my world.

Remind me of my simple ways,
Remind me of my simple roads.

Remind me of who I use to be,
Before I became so cold.


It’s sad how a memory that was once the highlight of your month, can turn into a haunting thought. Or how a certain place that you use to always go to and a specific song that you would put on replay for weeks, can now be something that fills you with disappointment.

It’s frustrating how a picture, or a movie can remind us of mistakes and regrets, and even worse, when seeing a specific person triggers up emotions we thought were long gone.