Summer Enchantment

Heartbeats and butterflies,

Sunsets and mountain views.

Road trips and long walks,

Late nights and random cruises.

Tan lines, and wine stains,

Cigarette smoke, and long tales.

Warm hugs and honest words,

Forehead kisses and a hand to hold.

Smiles that brighten the eyes and laughter that fills the air.

Lips that kiss the flesh and arms that hold the soul. 

Bodies that become one, and moans that vibrate the veins. 


Momma Warned Me

My momma warned me about drugs and alcohol. She warned me about different kinds of trouble.

My momma warned me about fights and late nights. She warned me about strangers and cars.

My momma warned me about lies and heart breaks. She warned me about bad boys and their mistakes.

But my momma never warned me about American boys with blue eyes. She never warned me about their sweet words, and smile.

My momma never warned me about late night talks and long kisses. She never warned me about hearts that get stolen without the thief knowing.

My momma never warned me about sleepless nights filled with thinking. She never warned me about the American boy, with blue eyes, that has my head spinning.


How can I put into words the way my heart beats while I am around you?

How can I put into words the peacefulness my soul feel because of you?

You entered my life out of the blue, and swept me away on day two.

I was mesmerized, wowed, blown away, all by the things you had to say. I fell for the way you spoke, and the way you sang. I fell for your words, your opinions, your points.

Your smile and eyes, your sweet gestures and laugh, those all helped ignite my addiction. With every moment I spent with you, my craving for you grew.

You awoke a part of me that I had believed to be long gone. Vibes rushed through my body like never before. You gave me feelings I never knew I had.

I surrendered myself to you and you handled me with so much passion and care. You took me to a world I didn’t know existed. I never knew one person could fill me up with so much happiness and joy.

I was always happy on my own, but since you entered my life, you made me the happiest human on this globe.


I sit and ponder about the people passing by,
I wonder, how broken are they inside?
I watch their walk, and the way they speak.
I watch their eyes, and see what their soul is trying to leak.

I sit on my own and think of the people I know,
Are they happy on the inside? Or is it just a show.

Are they at peace with their past?
Are they going about their lives too fast?
Do they appreciate the little things in life?
Or maybe they are always in a strife.

I sit and ponder about how similar I may be,
With the stranger that is standing, in line, next to me.
Have they hit rock bottom?
Have they reached their dreams?
Have they overcome their horrible fear?

We are used to comparing each other up front,
Comparing our skin, our hair, our height.
But then I realized,
How foolish we have been,
Because we are all the same under our skin.

Our bones, our hearts, our veins, our soul,
Have all been created by the same source.

So, I sit and ponder about the people passing by,
And now I know, we are all hiding feelings inside.
We do not know the struggle that may be drowning their soul,
We do not know the trouble causing them not to reach their goal.

Next time you sit and watch the people around you,
Remember they may be struggling, just like you.
So smile to strangers, and lend a helping hand when needed,
Because one day you could be the one that needs to receive it.

Spoil Yourself

Spoil youself,
Go ahead,
Don’t be shy.

Buy yourself some flowers,
Go for a bike ride.

Purchase a new book,
Or go watch a movie by yourself.

Nothing wrong with some alone time,
Go ahead and spoil yourself.

Go have dinner at one of your faviorite spots,
Or go buy some bread, and feed them to a flock.

Don’t double think this,
Don’t worry about being alone.
Go ahead and spoil yourself,
enjoy some time alone.