Born in the wrong Fashion Era

Picture from Google

Picture from Google

Yesterday my friend and I watched the movie Grease online. It is definitely one of my favorite movies and I could never get bored with watching it. I love the characters and the different personalities, and I mean, it’s John Travolta, who wouldn’t love anything he is in?

A couple of things I could not stop thinking about from yesterday are:

1) Women and Men looked a lot more healthier and a lot skinner than women and men these days. I mean everyone in the movie was thin and looked fit. Shows you how much obesity has increased recently. Shows you how much the food we eat these days are horrible compared to back then.

2) I absolutely love what they wear! Cheerleaders are in long skirts and long-sleeved shirts. I would rather see that, than cheerleaders these days were they barely even wear anything. The fashion in the 50’s was so much more colorful, classy, and just plain out nicer than these days. Girls barely cover themselves, or they just dress in baggy clothes. What happened to dressing up neat and clean to school, the theater, to dinner? There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to look nice people!

I am not big on fashion trends, I definitely do not keep track of what is “in” and what isn’t. All that matters, in my opinion, is for a person to look clean, to look neat, and to dress appropriately to where ever they go.


Lack of knowledge leads to Racism

Lack of knowledge actually leads to many negative things in life, but my main concern for this post is racism. Religion racism to be exact.

I am a Christian that was born and raised in a Qatar, a Muslim country. The amount of racism I got growing up was crazy. I remember ever since the age of 9 little girls my age and a bit older would come and ask when I will convert to Islam. I use to always tell them I would never change my religion and their response would always be “but then you will go to hell because only Muslims go to heaven”. As a child you could imagine how terrifying that was, but eventually I got use to it and learned to ignore it.

Some kids would not talk to me when they found out I was of a different faith which was so hurtful as a child. I remember walking around malls with my cross on and people would just stare like I was an alien. Even once I was in an elevator at a big mall with my older sister and this little boy, he couldn’t be over the age of 6, nudged his sister and said “look kufar”. He didn’t think we were Arab so he didn’t know we would understand what he said.

As I grew older I realized that in the Islamic classes of public schools in Qatar, many teachers would refer to Christians as ‘Kufar’ which basically means non-believers of God, and people that did not believe in God would go to hell.

Getting so much hate because of my religion made me a stronger person.

Growing up in a very non-religious household, I didn’t know much about Christianity. Actually, I knew a lot more about Islam than Christianity, so I decided to research about my religion and read the bible. I attended a few Sunday school classes around the 5th grade as well as the 9th grade but I didn’t stay for long. I preferred learning on my own.

Those little children that use to mistreat me or make me feel very uncomfortable about who I was ¬†because of my religion were actually the ignition to me learning about Christianity. I’m actually glad I had racism around me because if it wasn’t for them I would not have wanted to learn about Christianity. At the age of 21, I still do get slight racism, but mainly I get lots of questions about Christianity, and I love it because I can educate people about it. Not in a way were I would want someone to convert to Christianity, no, but in a way that would make people more understanding and more acceptable of what is different from them.

After all, Islam and Christianity and incredibly alike. We believe in so many similar things, and when more people start to understand that, the less racism there will be.

I don’t want to change the world, but if I can educate a person about something they know very little about, then I have accomplished a big thing in life.

The Tennis World

Tomorrow, the 26th of January, is the final for the Australian Tennis Open between Rafael Nadal and Stanislas Wawrinka. I honestly was surprised when Nadal beat Roger Federer. I wasn’t expecting that, but at the same time in the past few years Nadal has worked hard on himself. Even though I’m not ¬†a huge fan of his, I hope he wins tomorrow. I admire the way he plays and his dedication to the game. Wawrinka, is a great player too, of course. I mean he did make it this far, but this time I’m on Nadal’s side.

I gained a lot of respect for Nadal after watching him win the Qatar Open 2013. He was brilliant! In every game he played he never failed to amaze the crowd with his skills. He had a lot of tough competitors but he knocked them down one by one. Certainly wasn’t easy to do that. He really deserves number 1 in the tennis world.

(Picture: Nadal & I at the Qatar Tennis Open 2013)Image


It is an amazing thing if a person wants to go to college and university to get a degree. It is wonderful if they want to go for their masters and PHD as well. Also, it is an amazing thing if a person does not want to get a degree and would rather learn about the world through experiences and adventure. It is great if a person wants to be a doctor, engineer, business person. In addition, it is great if a person wants to be writer, artist or work in other fields that do not necessarily require a degree.

It is beautiful if a person wants to get married and have kids after they get their degrees. It is also wonderful if a person never wants to get married and start a family. Furthermore, if there are people that would rather not get a degree and want to start a family and be a stay at home parent, that is astonishing too.

Success is how a person feels about where they have reached in life, not about what society wants us to think it is.

Hello 2014

Looking back at 2013 I realized I had more ups than downs thankfully.

I got to travel to Kuwait and Dubai to see family and friends. I got awarded at college for having a 4.0 GPA and got a full scholarship for my first semester in my second year. I met amazing people from all over the world. Got to attend a wonderful YES & iEarn digital storytelling workshop in Doha, Qatar. I got a lot of great job opportunities, and the best part of the year is, I found love.

Of course in between all that I had breakdowns and disasters, but looking back they seem so small compared to all the joys of the year.

I hope 2014, has more beautiful, successful and joyful days for everyone. May you travel the world and go on adventures. May you find love, reach a goal or dream, and receive all that your wonderful hearts desire.

Happy New Years everyone!

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas in Qatar is hard on most people.
It definitely isn’t a traditional one. It doesn’t snow in Qatar, and during December it isn’t cold most of the days. People can actually go to the beach during the day here. Only hotels and stores have public decorations because so many locals who are Muslim, complain that decorating for Christmas publicly should be band because of so many foolish, racist reasons. I guess I got use to the religious racism here.
However, Christmas isn’t about all the beautiful Christmas tress around town, or the snow. Christmas isn’t about all the wonderful carols, and colorful decorations. Christmas is about family, and Jesus Christ. That’s why it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, and whether you have the traditional Christmas or not, what matters is you are surrounded by loved ones, and that you remember Christmas is about Jesus Christ.

The picture is of my families Christmas tree this year.