It’s the season to be Scary

I love halloween, ever since I was a kid I always got excited for it. I loved the idea of dressing up in a costume, and putting on facepaint.
Now that I’m 21, I love halloween even more, but living in a country that does not really celebrate it, I don’t get to celebrate it the way that I would like.
This halloween, a friend of mine is throwing a big party and I decided I am going to dress up as Beetlejuice! I wanted something original, and something I know many people wouldn’t think of (suprisingly, I found out many of my friends don’t even know who beetlejuice is!).
Trying to decide between Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice was tough, but I stuck with Beetlejuice.
I’m so excited, and I’ll be sure to post up pictures this weekend of the whole outfit!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?


Can’t sort out my thoughts

Every couple of days, I check my WordPress, open the blank white sheet and stare.

I write a few sentences then a moment later I erase the whole thing. Some days I write up to two paragraphs and then delete it all and just log out.

I have issues sorting out my thoughts. I will start on one thought and end up on a complete other one, and in that time period a couple of different thoughts would pop up, too.
I love to write and put the words floating in my head down, but I can’t seem to sort them. This is actually a problem I’ve had ever since I was a kid. In my English class my teacher would always tell me my thoughts were all over the place so my essays would jump from one section to another randomly.

It’s like my brain is a machine that shoots out thoughts, ideas, and words without giving me a pattern.
Some days are great. I can get exactly what I want and mean down, but most days it’s just a hurricane.

Does this happen to other people, or is it just me?

I am home

As I stepped out of the sliding airport doors to the street in front of the Beirut airport, I froze as the slight breeze brushed across my face. With my eyes tearing up and a smile I never knew I had, grew across my face, I curled my fist up and whispered with excitement and pure joy, “I am home”.

Crossing the street and hoping into the passenger seat of a taxi I was lifted by so much positive emotion. Taking pictures and videos of everything around me, I wanted to make sure I recorded every moment I had.

With the windows rolled down and the fresh wind blowing my hair, I sat there smiling at the fluffy clouds that crossed the sky, and at the strangers that were driving by.

I knew Lebanon was beautiful, but I didn’t remember it was this outrageously mesmerizing. On one side I could see the mountains and the trees, while on the other side I could see the sea and the growing city. The nature was just so purifying that looking at it made me feel like I was being born again.

I did not remember streets and routes, but much of it looked familiar. Making our way up the mountains to Bikfaya, I just didn’t want that car ride to end. I felt like I was being driven around in a part of heaven.

Arriving to my small town, after lots of turns and slopes, I ran up to greet my parents who flew there two weeks before me. In that moment I realized, the last time I was with both my parents in that house was 15 years ago. Also, at that moment I realized, my heart will forever be in Lebanon.