Left alone, left in silence

Clouds have gathered with so much darkness, stripping her from her rainbow days. Full of laughter, smiles, and actions. Now all she wants is to be left alone, to be left in silence.

She’s tired of voices. She’s tired of rules. She’s tired of having to follow the norms that people have set. She’s tired of being attacked because of every word she says. No more judgement, no more comments, no more people trying to mold her thoughts.

She’s trying to break out, break away from the words that are bringing her down. Yet they tend to follow her, they tend to be in every sentence that a person says.

She wants to be let free, to live the way she pleases. To believe in what convinces her, and to act the way she feels is right. That’s what she wants, her rights. Her rights to be the person she wants to be. Her rights to love who she wants, pray to who she wants, say what she wants, and live the way she wants.

She’s not fighting with the world, or with a nation, she’s fighting with a person who is trying to bottle her up. Trying to block her rays of sun, and destory her creative side. She’s fighting with a person who is trying to clip her wings and make her feeling like she is no one special. Like she’s not capable of much.

The day will come when her eyes will light up again, when her lips will smile and her laughter will ring. But for now, all she wants is to be left alone, to be left in silence.


100 Happy Days Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 : Happiness is a friend that lives thousands of miles away yet is always there for you. Happiness is finding someone you can count on to hear you complain and rant no matter what time it is. I’m so blessed to have this guy in my life, even if our friendship is through a phone and computer screen. I’ll probably never get to go to Gaza and he’ll probably never get to come to Qatar, however we will meet again in person someday, I know it.

Some people may find it strange how two people can be so close yet live in different countries. However, being an exchange student, you understand the true meaning of friendship, and you begin to realize that usually the closest people to your heart and the people that know you the most are the people that don’t live in the same country as you.

We don’t have to speak on a daily basis, heck, we can go a week or two without texting because of our busy lives, but as soon as we start messaging it is like we were hanging out the day before just talking about our days and nights.

This post is to thank Ahmed, for everything he has done for me. He’s the reason for my happiness today.

100 Happy Days Challenge, (Days 1 – 5)

I have been doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge on my Facebook and Instagram so I thought I might as well start doing it on my WordPress as well since I need to be on here more often.

The 100 Happy Days challenge is a challenge where people have to upload a picture each day of something or someone who made them happy. This challenge is to help people realize that there is a lot in our daily lives that make us smile. It is a way to stay more positive and also realize the small things that make us feel better. Everyone is very busy in their life that they sometimes forget to be happy or appreciative. This challenge helps change that.

If you would like to join the challenge you can sign up here www.100happydays.com.

I have already finished five days so I’m going to put them all under one post then I will begin posting each day separately.

Day 1: This little furball is my dose of sunshine every morning. I have to smile when I see him every morning and any time of the day actually. Pets truly become part of the family.

Day 2: Happiness is seeing your hard work payoff in school work! The only one in class that got a 100%. Having my priorities straight definitely helps me work hard for my grades. People can call me a nerd, or anything else for studying and doing my work but I couldn’t care less about their negativity because I am the one that’s getting the good grades and graduating early. yay!

Day 3: Happiness is reading a good book (Summer in a Red mustang with Cookies) in bed on a Thursday night. Nothing wrong with starting the weekend off relaxing after a long week. Time to drift into the book world.

Day 4: Happiness is when you get all dolled up to spend a night dancing with friends that you love. Celebrating a friends marriage (Mbarakeh). Great night!

Day 5: Happiness is having traditional Jordanian Mansaf for lunch with jameed specially from Jordan! Nothing beats an amazing home cooked meal. Who ever said Lebanese couldn’t make amazing mansaf?! lol

Summer heat

Summer is back, and the sun isn’t kidding the, your clothes get sticky once you walk out. Summer in Qatar is always harsh and having to go to college in 40+ degree Celsius is such a bust. You see the flushed cheeks, and the sweat on peoples foreheads, even the stains under their arms. People get cranky and moody, and always thirsty, but the cafeteria is a long way to walk.

People hate walking from one building to another when our classes are far apart. You hear them huffing and puffing as they try to rush fast away from the sun. They strategically plan the way they will take so they can walk under the shade.

Once they leave the car steering wheels are boiling, even the buckle on the seatbelt is too hot. The tint on the cars are not doing their job, because it’s a sauna until the air conditioner kicks fully on. People will never get use to this heat and sun, oh the trouble when the temperature goes to the 50’s.


Last semester

I feel kind of strange that I just started my last semester at college. Graduation is in 7 weeks! I remember how I felt like days were dragging on and the previous semesters just would not end. Now I look back and try to figure out where the past two years ran off to?

I hated the idea of joining this college, and hated my major, but now that I have reached where I am I understand why God put me on this path. I found new inspiration in my life, and I have clearer goals. I met wonderful people, both friends and instructors, and of course I’ve had my rebel, discouraged, what-in-the-world am I doing here days. However, all of that was a positive addition to my crazy, unexpected, life.

I am very proud of what I have accomplished, and I am very happy that I came out of these two years with much more confidence, more experience, and strength.

In seven weeks when I receive my associates in accounting, I will be ready for the new storm that’s heading my direction, and I will only be concentrating on the bright side of that storm.